2019 Annual Conference of China English Language Education Association


Call for Participation
 2019 China CELEA Symposium 
(3rd Announcement)


Theme:Innovations in English Education Research and Practice  


To continuously facilitate innovations in research and practice to meet the needs of Chinese learners and promote the academic impact of the field of Chinese applied linguistics in the academic arena, China English Language Education Association (CELEA) will organize 2019 China CELEA Symposium on October 19-20. The theme of the symposium is “Innovations in English Education Research and Practice in China”. It will be hosted by the School of Foreign Languages, and co-hosted by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. 

The strands of the symposium include the following:

1.Research on innovative English major development paradigms and curricula with Chinese characteristics  

2.College English curriculum development with Chinese characteristics

3.Emerging trends in ELT theories and practices

4.ELT and critical thinking literacy development 

5.ELT and cross-cultural competence development

6.Professional development of university English teachers for English majors and non-English majors 

7.English materials development and evaluation

8.Course evaluation and assessment

9.ELT in Basic Education in China

10.ELT in Basic Education in Rural China


Other relevant information

1.Time: October 19-20, 2019 (registration on October 18)

2.Venue: Guiyuan Hotel, Central China Normal University, Wuhan (address: Luoyulu #152, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei 430079; Tel: 027-67863418)


1)  Keynotes: 60 minutes per speaker. Speakers are nominated by the conference organizing group. Applications are also welcome.
2)  Seminars: altogether 2 hours in duration. Contributors are formed by 3-4 speakers on the same topic. An abstract of the proposed seminar and the paper is required.
3)  Panel discussions: 25 minutes per speaker. A full-length paper is required.
4)  Small-scale round table seminar: 15 minutes, for research in progress or postgraduate research dissertations.

4. Working languages: Chinese and English, preferably English

5. Registration fees: 1200RMB as normal fees (inclusive of meals, exclusive of accommodation and travel expenses), 600RMB for full-time postgraduates (valid ID proof required).

6. Accommodation: The conference organizing group will book accommodation for participants. The rate of a standard room is 330RMB per day. Half price applies to a shared room.

Instructions for submissions

1)Abstract submission: Please submit your abstract at the official website of CELEA at celea2019.aconf.org. Length of abstract: about 300 words for a Chinese abstract, and 200 words for an English abstract.

2)Seminar proposal and abstract of paper: Please submit a proposal of your seminar and paper. The length of the seminar proposal is about 500 words, and the length of the abstract of the paper is around 300 words.

Abstracts will undergo review of the academic panel of the conference. A formal invitation will be delivered to the authors of accepted abstracts. 

Please provide contact information of the author(s), including name, institution, email address and telephone number. 
Submission deadline: July 25, 2019


Excellent Paper Award
“Excellent Paper Award” will be granted to excellent research papers. The honour covers a certificate of award, and a waiver of registration fee and travel expenses (lower berth of the train sleeper or second class high-speed train). Awarded papers will be published in the English-medium journal “Chinese Applied Linguistics”. Original empirical research papers are particularly welcomed. If you are interested in the “Excellent Paper Award”, please submit your paper at the conference email address celea2019@163.com. For the reference style, please refer to the Instructions for Authors of the journal on its website.


Conference email address: celea2019@163.com 
Tel. numbers: Ms. Yu 3886156540;Ms. Yan 15308652425;Mr. Fang 15342282100



Official conference website: celea2019.aconf.org

Query websites: 

http://www.celea.org.cn: CELEA 

http://wy.ccnu.edu.cn: School of Foreign Languages, Central China Normal University 


2019 China CELEA Symposium Organizing Group
November 2018

Important Dates

Submission deadline: July 25, 2019