2019 Annual Conference of China English Language Education Association


● Professor Wen Qiufang (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
- Topic: Language Teaching Research on Production-based Theoretical Framework

● Professor Wang Chuming and Professor Jiang Lin (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)
Topic: Continuation and English Teaching

● Professor Sun Youzhong (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
Topic: English Teaching and Cross-cultural Competence Development

● Professor Jin Limin (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
Topic: Research on Modes of Classroom Interaction 

● Professor Zhang Lian (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
Topic: English Teaching and Critical Thinking Development

● Professor Zhang Wenzhong (Nankai University)
Topic: The Concept and Practice of Empowerment-based English Education and Teaching

● Professor Luo Lianggong (Central China Normal University)
Topic: Literature Education and English Competence Development 

● Professor Zhao Junfeng (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)
Topic: Ideas and Principles for Translation Talents Development 

● Professor Yan Chunmei (Central China Normal University)
Topic: Construction of Language Teachers’ Professional Learning Communities 

● Dr. Chang Xiaoling (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press)
Topic: Research on methods of English materials evaluation in China and abroad

● Professor Zhou Xiaoling (Guangxi Normal University)
Topic: Research on Wisdom Education in College English Teaching

Important Dates

Submission deadline: July 25, 2019